Tech Checkout Kiosks

Audience: Employees

To make technology more readily accessible where it’s being used, we are launching our new IT Tech Checkout kiosks. We are piloting this initiative to replace laptops on carts, and our target audience will be full-time faculty who have University-issued desktops and adjunct faculty. The kiosks will hold laptops and Blu-Ray players which may be reserved and checked out with a valid University ID card for use in the classroom.  

To reserve a laptop or Blu-Ray player, you may submit a ticket (go to, select Request Type Equipment Request, and complete the form). We’ll confirm your reservation through the ticket and include any special instructions to retrieve your equipment. Instructions for using the kiosk are posted on the machines, as well as in our Tech Guides (

Kiosks have been placed in the following locations: 
Good Hall 211 
Esch Hall 075 (the code to enter the room will be provided in the ticket when your reservation is confirmed)
Schwitzer Student Center, 1st floor in the lounge located beside The Perk.

Your reservation will be assigned to a specific kiosk and bin number based on the location of your class. 

You will need a valid University ID card to check out equipment.