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Information Technology Service Catalog

Employee Computer Replacement Cycle

All full-time positions at the university are eligible for a new computer provided and maintained by UIndyIT. These computers carry a manufacturer warranty as well as accidental damage coverage for the first 3 years. Computers are replaced every 5 years. 

During year 3 of the computer’s lifespan, IT will offer to perform a software refresh in order to provide the best possible experience for the remaining years.  During the software refresh, computers would be checked for hardware issues, and we would resolve those while the device was still under warranty and accidental damage protection.

PLEASE NOTE: A new full time employee who replace an employee, will inherit the computer in place with the position at the time of hire.  The winter semester prior to a new budget year, department heads are provided with information about who is due for a new computer the following budget year and what the computer selections for the upcoming year will be.  Employees are free to choose from the offered selections with final approval by their supervisor or department head.  

Part time and associate adjunct employees at the university are eligible for a used computer provided and maintained by Information Technology. Requests must be submitted by department heads.  

Information Technology orders, configures, installs, maintains and inventories all university owned computers.