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LMS (ACE) Support

Sakai is UIndy’s learning management system, but at UIndy it’s better known as ACE. ACE allows instructors to publish course materials, keep students informed about their coursework, give and grade learning assessments, and a provide an online, collaborative learning environment. We schedule, manage, and test Sakai software updates, which are then performed by our hosting vendor, Longsight. IT provides technical support for ACE including ensuring that ACE is integrated with student, faculty, and course information from Banner.

Each of your courses will automatically be created in ACE by May 1 for Semester I (10 term), November 1 for Semester II (20 term), March 1 for the Spring and Summer terms (30 & 40 terms). The course will not be viewable to students until the instructor chooses to publish the course via ACE.

If you do not see your course in ACE, but know that you are registered for the course, please contact your instructor first. If you are experiencing other problems accessing your courses in ACE, submit a request including the full course ID (BIOL-101-50) and instructor name to or call (317) 788-3318.